All You Ever Wanted

By An Ode to Creativity Blog - January 07, 2021


All you ever wanted

A world painted
with black squid ink 
become a stage when life 
was nothing more,
 but going to school, 
looking after family 
and preparing meals.

You, the God of this world 
watched ink words manifest 
into people that walked 
down cobblestone roads, 
grabbing food from ongoing 
street markets, while their 
children play with a ball,
 swimming between 
people’s feet.

That was all you waned.
Watching them made 
your heart thump and 
brought images to mind
 that there was something 
more out there within the
 world then the four 
walls that kept you prisoner. 

However, when ink puppets 
show you that the world
 was never perfect, 
you pulled the strings hard 
to keep the images of
 a happy life alive.

That was all you wanted.
There was a fairy tale 
that you were told as
 a child, where the world 
was made out of silk curtains.
 Parties were held every evening    
 with gold plates and glasses
that were crafted to fit your hands
 and your hands only. 

That was all you ever wanted

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