By An Ode to Creativity Blog - January 07, 2021



Trees hugged each other
 there was no room for sun to enter. 
Branches of dare leaf trees, 
animals that looked like
 fabric statuses were at a standstill.

Mother Nature dared to not breath.

 A ghost of a girl
 with a white dress that flew in 
behind walked on sun deprived moss.
 A humming melody wrapped 
around the trees,
 they swage a little, 
animals blinked.

 She had a book, pages turned, 
she never missed a beat. 
Branches moved, scraping off
 each other’s bark, 
waling came from the sky. 
Animals flee, letting their meal  
go stale. The humming increased, 
but it’s changing.

 Instead of wishes,
 curses dripped from her tongue.

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