Little Life Flower

By An Ode to Creativity Blog - January 07, 2021


Little Life Flower

She sat, skirt 
draped over knees. 
Nestled in cup hands 
was a single flower, 
thorn cuts, mark skin.

Eyes drifted over the once a 
vibrant red flower. 
Now dead man gray 
pools in the middle and 
red traced petal edges

The flower dropped 
 on gray stained grass. 
The world shift and swirled, 
she fell.

Grass tickled 
her noise.
Eyes were kept on 
the flower. In a 
moment, red
fought back 
taking its rightful place.

A drop of color fell to
 the grass and it spread like
 spilled water.

Two years
 and the world finally
had color. 
A smile fluttered as
eyes closed for the last time. 
Her body laid limp surrounded 
by poisonous gray flowers.  

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