Reckless Dreams and Hanging Stars {Artwork}

By An Ode to Creativity Blog - January 08, 2021

Dancing With the Stars 

This was the seconded attempt with using watercolours to colour in one of my characters. I decided that I wanted to use watercolours because I wanted a softer look and I had a feeling that pencil crayons wouldn't create the look I was trying to go for. I painted the background with black acrylic paint despite having black toned paper as I knew it would be harder to get the lighter colours that I wanted.

Hanging Lights

This was the first drawing I did in my black tone sketch book. I have the same drawing on my chalkboard and I thought it would be something easy I could do to get a better understanding of the paper. However, this version is a bit different then the one of the chalk board. With this one I wanted to play around with how the light would affect the space, so instead of having light around the bulbs I also placed it on the string.

Reckless Paradise

This one has to be one of my favorite art works I've created. I got inspiration from the hang lights piece, but instead of lights its knives. There's not much to say about this piece other then I outlined the knives in a shiver gel pen and then the handle was outline in a gold gel pen. You can also buy this artwork as an art print on my Etsy which you can find here

The Song Of the Moon

I created this piece because this was one of the decided I was going to use for the cover of my next poetry collection called Witching Hour. However, after spending several months struggling to create poetry for the collection I scraped the collection as all I was doing was staring at a blank page for hours. This piece took me forever to finish as the gold acrylic paint that I used wasn't opaque so I had to use multiple coats of the colour. You can also purchase this Artwork as well

Anyway, that's it for right now

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