Closet Monsters

By An Ode to Creativity Blog - January 07, 2021


Closet Monsters

My closet door always remain shut 
when I was a little kid.
Black ink dribbled down walls 
and pooled at the center. 

Shadows curled around my clothes 
and every time I stole a glance 
at the closet.
I swore I saw something 
slithering on the floor, moving.

Always on the move. 

A pad lock was installed on the door.
As a little kid
I thought it would hold. 

Over time I forgot 
and soon closet monsters 
weren't as terrifying 
as what lied behind a human's mask  

The pad lock was uninstalled 
closet door always remind opened 
filled to the brim with books and stuffies. 

I wasn't afraid. 

But, I didn't realise 
it was still there 
made a nest within 
the cracks.

It waited.

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