Ghost Town Vacation

By An Ode to Creativity Blog - January 07, 2021


Ghost Town Vacation

The camp fire licked 
frost nipped ground  
as Alice poked it.

She sat alone 
on  half 
dead log in a forest 
where wind wheezed  
through damp leaves  
made music.

The chilling air hugged
 her fingers.

She wasn’t a fan 
of lying on dirt patches 
in a makeshift structure, 
but it was worse 
when dirt 
became a rock of chipped ice
 from half formed footprints 
and their tent was
 a walk in freezer.

Alice shook her head, 
which gave new places
 for air to bite.

This mystery of the town 
next door to their camp site 
was too big for her or
 her traveling news  crew
 to pass up.

A creature haunting, 
some say even floating 
through the town 
between the witching hour 
of three. These who became 
the victim of losing someone 
all said the same thing. 
The creature was made of shadows,
 too dark to see through. 

It’s the best Halloween news 
 story they’ve covered to date.  
Alice struck the camp fire 
and sparks flew, shadows flickered 
and curled around the pine trees.

It would be if 
her crew hurried up. 
Meals needed to be cooked
plans needed to be discussed.

Where were they?
She thought. 
Collecting fire wood 
shouldn’t take this long?

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