Heart Maker

By An Ode to Creativity Blog - January 04, 2021


Heart Maker

"Crafting a heart or 
fixing one is complex. 
Emotions and memories 
like when warmth 
spread through the body 
when a favourite song turns on
or standing in the rain 
letting tears mix 
as they fall to the pavement 
had to entwined with muscle or risk 
the feeling of restraint 
when the heart thumped 
trying to create the perfect lub dub sound.

The art of heart making 
is filled with the same 
four walls and stale air and solitude
The electricity pulse 
within the stomach
will never fully unattached
itself as the knowledge of failure 
will hang around your neck like a noose.

As if you fail the heart you tried to craft 
or fix will turn to ashes
and that person, now missing a heart 
will feel the death of it. 
A cold as sharp as ice will travel 
through the blood stream until 
the brain is left frozen
and they will sleepwalk
through the years they have left."
The Heart Maker said, welding goggles 
parched on his head 
as he looked at the young girl 
who entered the shop 
asking for an apprenticeship.

"Are you still sure 
you are up to the task."
He continued and 
the girl nodded.  

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