Lost Words

By An Ode to Creativity Blog - January 07, 2021

Lost Words

Stones, some as big as your fist,
 others as small as a rooster’s foot. 
Some came in colours of faded blue glass 
others came in dead mans gray.

They scattered the floor of the town square 
that was lined with little businesses and antique shops, 
of residents homes, 
of the poorly lit, littered covered alleys 
that only the people that were board 
or just wanted to hide will know.

 Hidden within the cobweb like cracks 
were the words and sentences.

“I love you.”
“It’s the truth.”
“We’re all equal.”
“ I love what your wearing.”

These words got lost with in the dark, 
they were like tiny sunflower seeds 
waiting for the sun before beginning 
to grow and take over.

Lies swirl around in the air 
like gossip that hangs within the ears 
of anyone that listens.

“We have to live in fear 
because we never know when someone 
will pull out a gun and start shooting.”

“We have to hide the truth 
from the next generation because it’s scientifically
 proven that it will lower children’s self of steam, 
with that they can kiss good grades goodbye.”   

They now rule the world,
 hidden in-between the lines
 eager to travel within stories, 
they leap off everyone’s tongues, 
sailing the rocky words.

No one stops to listen 
to the words nestled 
within the cracks of the mix matched 
stone floor. 

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