Shooting Stars that Never Came

By An Ode to Creativity Blog - January 07, 2021


Shooting Stars that Never Came

Legs criss-cross on peeling roof tiles. 
Ambient light blocked 
out most of the stars, 
but there were still some
like they didn't want to leave 
the moon alone in ink sky.

Legs frozen from sleep
but I like the hollowness that 
seeped from toes and
inched up my leg.

I continue to look at the stars. 
Hoping that one would become
a fallen angle, a shooting star, 
but when has a shooting star 
ever come when I needed it to. 

Sirens screamed or was it the
screams that sounded like sirens
trying to save a life, but in this world 
where gold turned to chains, 
ink to webbing, and wrists marked red. 

Who would want to be saved? 

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