Painted Family

By An Ode to Creativity Blog - January 04, 2021


Painted Family

There was a painted portrait of a family 
hanging in an empty hallway, 
in a rotting house. 
It hanged on flowery wallpaper 
that was peeling and had lost it’s colour. 
The mother stood on the right,
 half hidden in the shadows 
that the burgundy red drapes had cast.

A tight sea green dress that hugged her unperfected body
 – that was what she thought when looking in the mirror,
 a skeleton of her mother – 
a diamond necklace covered 
her scrawny neck that was paired with a charm bracelet 
that hanged on her wrist.

Black jeweled earrings 
were clipped on her ears.

Her blond hair was pulled back into a perfect tight bun.  

On the left was the father 
standing straight and tall. 
The light from the window casted shadows
onto his stern face that always had eyes 
that were like gray rocks. 
His black suit was wrinkled free. 
His black shoes were polished 
until they sparked in the sun.

Their seven year old son 
was in the middle, 
like he was the bridge the gap 
between the two, 
as if he was the reason 
why the two were together at all.

The son, had a black suit on 
just like the father, 
but the bow that the mother tied 
was coming undone. 
The gel that they put 
in his dirty blond hair didn’t help 
to tame the wild hair 
that was going in every direction. 
He wore a bright smile, 
missing teeth and all.

“Stand up straight.”

“ Don’t show any emotions, 
they are a gate way into your thoughts.”

“If people can read your thoughts 
then you no longer have 
the upper hand in the situation.”

That was what the father always said. 
Smiling was a rare occasion in the family.

The portrait made the them look 
like any family 
trying to rise a seven year old son.
 The picture did showed 
that their own personalities 
did shine through and 
sometimes the personalities did clashed together, 
but the family was still intact.

But was that really the case?

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