Weathering Blossom

By An Ode to Creativity Blog - January 04, 2021


Weathering Blossom

You were like a weathering flower, one that could be a beautiful rose 
I was the riches water, that money could buy.
I wanted to help you, 
I wanted to be the reason why you grew 
to be the pettiest flower in the garden.

But no matter what I did, 
you kept weathering,

Then one day, I realized why.

You were giving away my water, 
to all the other plants, 
They all  promised to do something in return,

Thorn bushes 
made their way into your home, 
pretending to be a rose just like you.

You fell for their trickery. 

I refused to give you my water, 
refused to be a pawn in their game

 The flowers that you put your trust in 
was nothing but thorns, 
using you
 and letting you die.

This was the home that you build, 
it was build on nothing 
but lies and deception.

You put your trust in the wrong people, 
now look where it got you.

You are now dead 
and I can’t do anything

All because you have rejected my  kind, sweet, water.

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