Tender Ache

By An Ode to Creativity Blog - January 04, 2021


Tender Ache

Watch silver clouds 
form a pack across the ocean sky.

Sit patiently on top of a green hill, 
where withered Lily’s, the colour of pumpkins, 
with innocent white Daisies 
and golden Dandelions 
are mix at the base.

Bittersweet pain invades
bring a dribble of tears. 
 I can’t decide
 if it was me or the sky,
that was crying. 

I stay there until the deeps of the ocean 
comes swimming across the sky, 
pushing clouds to run.

Night, where past becomes present,
 the taste of sour memories 
hangs in the air.  

 Watch fears of “what ifs”
becomes dust at the sight of the sun, 
being pulled with strings from it’s slumber.

A wandering traveler see a wall of flowers 
and walks over. 
Not wanting to step on any,
they begin to pick a path to the top.

The sight of the traveler made my stomach into a circus show. 
People flipping through the air. 
Daggers thrown at my raw insides, 
like a target was
stapled to the walls,
 but served no purposes 
the daggers always missed.

The traveler plopped beside me, 
a pile of flowers were at our feet, 
like crumpled photos 
of a past I long too forget.

“Why, do you stay here, why watch the sky become dark?”

I don’t know where to go, 
I’m stuck. A thought popped 
within my mind, 
but didn’t voice the words.

We sat there, 
picking petals 
and throwing them in the 
hustling wind.

“Doesn’t it get boring, 
being trapped within
 your own mind. 
and being numb.”

The traveler got up, 
flower stems fell to the ground.

“You don’t have to stay here, 
You can travel around the world, 
learn new things, 
meet new people that you never imagine.”

The traveler extend their hand. 
“What do you say, 
can we travel together?”

I hesitated. Leaving this hill, moving forward. 
Made me want to do handstands and flips, 
but also curl up into a ball.

The last time I left this hill, 
I got hurt.
Friend become enemies, 
dreams become fine cut diamonds.
Glistening in the morning sun, 
serving no purposes.  

“You don’t have to be afraid.”

I took the traveler’s hand. 
Staying here, on this hill was pleasing at first,
 but now I want to go on adventure,
distract my mind from the sour memories, 
that swirl in the midnight air.

We walked down the hill, 
the wind took the petals 
of the remanding flowers to another place, 
where they will, be welcomed.

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